Short film, Animation.
"A new born light enters the world, but slowly begins to adapt, to fit in, conditioned by expectations, until the light fades away slowly and it's too late to turn back to it's true self."

Lights is a simple metaphor that visually examines all those feelings, dreams and possibilities that we unconsciously let go of during our life as we slowly adapt to what surrounds us.

Step by step we leave behind our true selves, something that slowly fades away in the background, like a shadow we only half remember. When our time comes to move on, if we finally look back to what could have been, we may think "what if..."

Written and Directed by: Alessandro Novelli
Animation: Alessandro Novelli,  Ines Teixeira
Design: Alessandro Novelli

Music and Sound Design: Simon Smith

Translation: Valerie Joubert

Special Thanks: Giulia Arantxa Novelli, Laura Sofia Gonçalves

LIGHTS - 光 | Making-Of 

Frames from the short. | 01 Sketch | 02 Rough Animation | 03 Concept Board | 04 Sketch
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