About the project:
We have been asked to show the new Moleskine Monogram and his possibilities, through a short story, that was narrative and linear in one way and contains the values of the brand: travel, adventure, sharing, notes, discover, surprise, and an eye of attention to the new brand position on the internet and his digital partners. 
We come out with this travel story, that at the same time is container and contains Moleskine new image, values, history, from past to future.

The video is a blend of digital 2D and some simple 3D, the entire video has been hand painted frame by frame on a dedicated software.

The project was created for Moleskine new logo, monogram world launch.

Direction: Alessandro Novelli, Design: Alessandro Novelli, Andrea Gendus, Animation: Alessandro Novelli, Andrea Gendusa, Victor Perez, Intern: Giulia A. Novelli, Research: NeueBig, Sound Design: N9ve, Client: Moleskine.

Frames from the short. | 01 Frame | 02 Frame | 03 Concept 01 | 04 Making-Of
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