TV Commercial Serie, Mix-Media, Animation.

About the project:
A serie of 3 mixed media animated commercials for Spanish brand Solvia. A blend of 2D animation, live action and collage in order to help you finding your perfect new house.
Solvia Cabeza 20” Director’s Cut, Solvia Lupa 10”, Solvia Cabeza 10”.

The 3 mixed media videos are a blend of 2D, 3D, pixelation and collage. The videos shot by Sofa Experience under our technical direction are filmed in 16mm.

The videos were aired on Spanish Television during Solvia last add campaign.

Direction: Alessandro Novelli, Animation: Alessandro Novelli, Victor Pere, 3D Modeling: Joao Lucas, Compositing: Alessandro Novell, Intern: Christian Muller, Live Video: Sofa Experience, Production: Sofa Experience, Agency: S.C.P.F* / WunderManThompson, Client: Solvia.

Solvia Lupa - 10” |  TV Commercial Serie, Mix-Media, Animation.

Solvia Cabeza - 10” |  TV Commercial Serie, Mix-Media, Animation.

Frames from the short. | 01 Frame Cabeza | 02 Frame Lupa | 03 Greenscreen | 04 1st Concept.
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