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Concepts and styles developed for branded films and commercial projects as AD & CD.

JADU Fight in AR

R&D, Art & Animation direction, sr. designer.
Developed for JADU

Above I have helped Jadu team several times, always in a position between research and development.

The tasks were pretty different, from developing layout systems for precise screens of the game, visualise data directly in the AR game play, implement and animate the input system ​(game controller) redesigning its icons, to design and define the in-game ending typography.

The objective was always to support the design, graphic and development teams implementing and upgrading systems that were already in place but needed to be levelled up in order to be ready for the Game release.

Above and below slides from several presentations I ve done for the Jadu team.

SPOTIFY for Artists

10 Episodes Art Direction for Spotify.
Developed for Partizan.

For this Spotify project I ve got asked to work as external Art Director. My task was thinking and developing the graphic and animation style for a 10 episodes series. I helped the client reframing the project proposing the creation of a motion graphic system that would work similarly to a tv brand identity system, so scalable, and easy to use through all the episodes.

During production I ve got to implement the system deconstructing lyrics videos, charts or simple bullet point lists and redesigning them in order to seamlessly adapt to motion and move from “graphic” to live action minimising the amount of editing.

Above and below early concept boards developed as a base for the proiect.

APPLE, a space to be different

Concept boards for Apple short film.
Developed for TBWA / Media Arts Lab and Apple
For this project I ve been asked to develop a narrative and a style for one of the client’s product features.

The entire idea was to create a minimal world, able to incorporate both brand guidelines and product in a seamless way even if hand drawn and different from the usual brand aesthetic.

The project was thought to live inside and outside products screens, creating a unique interconnected space between worlds, the one outside and the one inside the devices.

Above and below concept boards for the project, with focus on type and different spaces.


Creative and Art Direction for Project Dandelion.
Develope for Final Frontier and Nerdo.
For project Dandelion I helped the clients to find a minimal and effective solution in order to make the main Dandelion campaign video and the different social media assets more dynamic and interesting.

We created a minimal system on 2d animations directly interacting with the live action footage, achieving both an elegant final result and a more engaging “talking heads” video.

Above and below slide from the project.


Oil and digital painted concept boards.
Developed for Trizz Studio.
Pitch project developed for Trizz studio in Barcelona.My task was to help Trizz come with a unique style for this project. I ve tried to go toward an unconventional way, creating a mixed media style able to combine 2D and 3D in a unique graphic approach.

The idea revolved around the use of real, archive or not, footage later on implemented through Trizz’s 3D power house and later on painted with both analog and digital techniques.

Above and below mixed media concept boards for the project pitch.


Mixed meida concept boards for web commerical.
Developed for Jelly London.
For this project developed for Vitra and produced by Jelly London, I created a mixed media style with the intention of merging texture, product images, typography and blue prints into a dynamic animation able to portray the features and benefits of this new Vitra foldable table.

Above and below mixed media concepts from the project.

AMAZON: Black Rock

Concept boards for Amazon: The World’s Most Dangerous Show.
Developed for 27KM.

For this project I helped 27KM and the series’ director to visualise, design and develop the financial driven / abstract sections of the Black Rock episode.

The idea I brought was to utilise a “crime” / “financial-tech” language able to mix real documents and pictures with digital data and financial charts in order to highlight the complexity of the Black Rock system and support the narrative there where would have been impossible to represent things through live action.

Above and below approved concepts for the project development.

Servus Credit Union

Concepts and development for Servus Credit Union.
Developed for DDB.
For DDB, I ve directed and developed several motion graphic TV commercials for their Servus Credit Union campaign.

Siding their design team, we turned the agency storyboards into minimal, beautifully animated 2D videos, where the simplicity of the graphics, connected with the client guide lines, was contrasted by a more detailed animation, able to give life to the agency geometric approach.

Above and below frames from some of the videos we developed.


Concept boards for short film.
Created for NDA.
For this project I ve helped my client to re-interpret a  possible visit to an art museum in a distant future. I ve got asked to both develop the concept and the art style.

My idea revolved around the concept of the failures of a society now (in the future) seen as art. From poverty to flying plastic bags as kinetic sculptures, a world after the world.

Above and below concept boards for short.


Concept boards for Adobe Creative Cloud 2022 presentation video.
Created for Jam3 Toronto.
As Art director on this project I ve helped the team of Jam3 to develop a mixed media style for the Adobe CC ’22 video presentation.

I was asked to created the art both for the live action video and for the animation.  My idea was to create a mixed media style able to mix footage with a simplified UI of the Adobe suit so to move from video to animation back to video in a seamless way, as if the entire commercial was spread around a computer desktop.

Above and below approved concepts for the animation.

NDA Feature

Concept boards for NDA feature film.
Created for Creative Mammals.

For this pitch I ve been asked to create a black and white childish, naive style able to represent the narrative through the “eyes” of a kid.

For supporting the voice over what I proposed was a blend of naive illustrations, able to visually describe the main actions, and simple childish hand drawn typography, highlighting those key words we wanted the audience to focus on.

The animation, due to the nature of the graphics, was thought to be complex and dynamic in order to create a conceptual contrast among what the spectator saw on screen and the intricacy of the actions.

Above and below pitch boards.

La Repubblica

Presentation video for the new La Repubblica.
Created for Gruppo Gedi

For La Repubblica, one of the most important Italian daily newspapers, we created a presentation video for their newspaper rebrand, presented during a live event at the Nuvola Fuksas in Rome, Italy.

The entire idea behind the video was to showcase how La Repubblica changed its entire structure in a dynamic way creating a comparison between the old version and this new fresh one, highlighting the major layout and graphic changes and how the reader experience will improve.

Above and below some minimal concpets for the video.

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