Commercial, Animation.

About the project:
TLF: Retail, has been commissioned by The:Future:Laboratory agency form London, a seamless journey among the different evolutions of retail services, from “industrial mass production” to “on-line shopping”, and the need, of many shopkeepers, to move forward, towards a reformed retail system.

TLF: Retail is a blend of traditional and digital animation,  developed with different softwares and then painted and lighted in Photoshop and Krita frame by frame.

The project has been created for The:Future:Laboratory agency, UK, like part of their new retail strategy services. You can check their entire services page on their website: 

Production: Iskandar De La Tour  Direction: Alessandro Novelli, Animation: Marina Rossi, Alessandro Novelli, Victor Perez, Joao C. Da Silva, Illustration and Design: Alessandro Novelli,  Modeling: Victor Perez, Painting & tracing: Marina Rossi, Alessandro Novelli. For The Future Laboaratory: Creative Direction: Chris Sanderson, Art-direction: Britt Berden, Script: Martin Raymond, Agency: The Future Laboaratory. Music & sound design: Simon Smith, Voice Over: Sophie Sanderson.

Frames from the short. | 01 wished | 02 White Boxes | 03 Tunnel | 04 Stuff, Stuff, Stuff! | 05, 06, 07, 08 Digital and rough 2D animation.
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